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For Minnesota House of Representatives District 52B

Inver Grove Heights, Sunfish Lake, Northern Eagan, and Southern Mendota Heights

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We need to:

  • Invest in and maintain roads, sidewalks and bridges, and transit options and focus on investments proven to reduce vehicle crashes

  • Secure funding to continue to realize Dakota County residents’ vision for 200 miles of connected regional and local trails

  • Consider alternative funding options for the maintenance of city streets to reduce the current tax burden on local communities, and local property taxpayers

  • Meet the transportation needs of our area’s residents and businesses that have been left out of the metro area transportation plan

  • Provide a broader array of travel options, such as fixed route and dial-a-ride bus service

  • Complete the planned transit network in the metro region

  • Continue user fees – not borrowing - for the upkeep of Minnesota’s extensive system of roads and highways

  • Support the efforts of agencies and individuals working “Toward Zero Deaths” on Minnesota roads

Our growing population makes relying on our current transportation system unsustainable.  My plan is to help build consensus at the State Capitol that leads to long term funding solutions for our transportation system.  We need to ensure maintenance of our aging infrastructure and a vision for the future. 
Residents in our district want alternatives to sitting in traffic jams and want better mobility choices for their children and their aging family members.  I will work to bring those options to our communities.

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