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For Minnesota House of Representatives District 52B

Inver Grove Heights, Sunfish Lake, Northern Eagan, and Southern Mendota Heights


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Minnesota has a proud tradition of educational excellence.  Let’s maintain and improve upon that tradition to ensure a well-educated community and skilled workforce. 

We need:

  • Strong public schools at all levels: from early childhood learning to higher education opportunities.

  • Well trained teachers who are compensated for their skills, talents and dedication

  • Schools that are safe

  • Schools with up-to-date learning environments

  • School curriculums that are student-centered and engaging    

  • Curricula geared towards the knowledge and skills necessary for succeeding in the 21st century

  • Affordable post-secondary public education options for all high school graduates
We need well trained teachers who are compensated for their skills, talents and dedication. We need schools that are safe and up-to-date learning environments.  Let’s give everyone who wants a good education an opportunity to get that education.  Having a well educated community and skilled workforce is critical for our interconnected success now and into the future. 
Our children are our future.  They will be the public leaders and the teachers.  They will be the inventors that create the next great modern convenience, and the plumbers and electricians that install solar panels on our homes and schools, they will be the doctors and nurses that use robotics to provide health care for our sick and elderly, they will be the researchers that discover how to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.  Our children connect us to the past and future and they depend upon us to make wise decisions.  Let’s make sure we give them every opportunity to become creative, contributing members of our communities.
It’s time to come together to rethink education in Minnesota.  Thriving communities need strong schools at all levels, from neighborhood childcare and early childhood learning centers through to higher education opportunities. We know that careers of the future will require retooling our skills and broadening our knowledge base over the many years of our working lives.  How we accomplish this in a way that is affordable and equitable will require us to come together, listen to each other, discuss and make tough decisions.  I will work hard to make sure the schools in our district are preparing students to be global citizens and compete in a wider world while working and contributing to their local communities. 

"I have known Mary for 35 years and in that time her passion for sustainability and justice have defined her.  She understands the importance of educating students to be the ethical stewards of our future.  She supports redesigning schools to assure that all students experience an education both rigorous and engaging."  

Phyllis Marsili, Retired Educator
(40 years experience)

Issues and Priorities